Pros and cons of bed frame styles

No doubt whilst you've been searching for the perfect bed frame you’ve come across every bed frame under the sun. From low lying platform bed frames to storage bed frames, we’;re sure by now that you've seen it all and have had enough: you just want to find the bed frame for you. Well, never fear because here at Furnitureful we’ve decided to compile a list of the hottest bed frames out there, what they’re all about as well as their pros and cons. So sit tight and let us walk (and talk!) you through it all.

To start off with we have…

Platform beds

Platform beds are bed bases where the foundation is built into the bed frame. Also they are a bed type which lie rather low.


  • They provide a very stable and firm sleeping experience as they are quite close to the ground with a solid surface area.
  • The solid support of them will allow even your mattresses to feel more firm, especially if your mattress has begun to sag.


  • They can limit air circulation and leave you feeling too hot at night.
  • They can be rather heavy and therefore difficult to move around.

And next, we’ll focus on the…

Ottoman storage bed

A better bed has not been invented. In our humble opinion, the Ottoman bed is a brilliant blend of bed and storage saving. This bed usually has gas lift hydraulics where the bottom area can be lifted up to reveal a great amount of storage space. Here at Furnitureful we even offer a beautiful grey upholstered ottoman storage bed with free 48 hour delivery.


  • They can hold a huge amount of storage space
  • Durability is just as important a feature with ottoman beds as storage is. These beds are made to last.


  • These beds can end up being quite bulky and difficult to move
  • They can be difficult to assemble for some with their numerous parts.

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