Should You Buy An Upholstered Bed?

Should you buy an upholstered bed?

What is an upholstered bed?

An upholstered bed is any bed that comes with a headboard and a footboard that combines materials such as velvet, faux leather or suede or any other materials apart from wood. The upholstery material is laid over a padded layer.

Advantages and disadvantages of an upholstered bed:


Loads to choose from - Upholstered beds are perfect for everyone as there are so many choices and options for people to choose from. The entire bed is customisable from the fabric of the bed to the colour and size too. This is perfect as you can make the bed entirely your own and it sort of becomes an extension of your personality. You can design the bed to match the décor aesthetic of your bedroom.

Long-lasting and low maintenance - Upholstered beds are made of extremely hardwood and this makes them very strong and durable. The thick insulated padding protects the bed from any damage or impact that maybe be caused to the structure. The upholstery used on the bed doesn’t rip easily as it’s very strong regardless of if it’s leather or fabric.

As well as being very strong beds, upholstered beds are also very low maintenance. Daily vacuuming and dusting can be enough to keep the bed fresh and clean.

Can be made with eco-friendly materials - If you are someone who is eco-friendly, particularly with the furniture you bring into the home then an upholstered bed might not be a bad choice. This is because this type of bed is made with natural and eco-leather instead of chemically treated wood frames.

Amazing comfort - Upholstered beds are very comfortable, especially to watch TV, read a book, or just have a chat with your partner. The upholstered headboard is very comfortable to lean against and provides adequate support for your back and neck so you don’t need to be hunched over whilst you dive into a good book.


Extra cleaning - Upholstered beds require extra cleaning as they have fabric. This is because fabric tends to attract more dust so you will need to vacuum the bed more regularly.

Problems with pets - Pets can be a problem if you have an upholstered bed. Though this isn’t a problem everyone may have, pets such as cats can rip and tear at the fabric of the bed.

May contribute to allergies- If you are someone who suffers from dust allergies then I would suggest giving the upholstered bed a miss. This is because fabric tends to collect and gather more dust.

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