Should You Iron your bedsheets?

Although there is no right or wrong answer, you may be wondering whether you should iron your bedsheets or whether it's a waste of time. If you have guests visiting you may want to be the best host and offer a hotel experience for your loved ones. Perhaps after you have washed the bedding and throws for your sofa bed to make it comfy you have noticed wrinkles in the bed linen. Many people don't notice but for the few that do, it's a detail that makes all the difference. Read on to find out if this is really a necessary thing.


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  • For the ultimate showroom and hotel bedroom, some people prefer bedding that is ironed as it gives the bedroom a polished appearance.
  • An ironed bed adds a touch of luxury to every room especially guest rooms that are not regularly used, causing guests to feel special  and appreciated 
  • It does not only make the bed look nice, but it also helps to soften the material of the bedlinen too - which in turn increases the comfortability levels for you or your guest


  • Ironing your bedsheets can take a long time. Many have a lot of other tasks to complete for the general upkeep of the room. 
  • If you despise ironing it will be a difficult thing to do and it will likely become a chore that isn't worth your time 

If you do decide that ironing your sheets is necessary there are a few simple tips you can follow to do it effectively. 

Iron your sheets Damp

According to BedLinenOnline the most effective way to iron your bedsheets is to iron them using a hot iron while they are still damp. Doing this helps to get rid of creases that are difficult to remove.

Fold your Linens in half

To save time while ironing, larger bedsheets, especially for Kingsize or Double sized beds you can fold them in half vertically and iron them as a smaller size. This will help you to tackle all the creases while reducing your time

If you don't feel like ironing…

These are some tips for those of you who want to achieve tidy and streamlined bedsheets without spending time ironing

Hand your sheets out to dry 

You can hand your bedsheets outside on your washing line The soft breeze will get rid of most wrinkles and it is also an environmentally friendly way to dry your clothes 

Spray some fabric softener on it 

To reduce the likelihood of creases you can fill a bottle with some fabric softener and spray the large creases while also stretching out the fabric flat on the bed until the crease goes away .

Flatten the sheets out as you go 

Finally, one final trick is to make your ottoman bed or sofa bed and place the bedding over it while it is slightly damp. As you place it on the bed, flatten out the creases as you.

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