Sofa bed versus Air Mattress - Reasons why a Sofa bed is the one for you!

It's the ultimate space saving bed battle - sofa bed versus air mattress. Both are known to look after every guest that comes to visit you whether that is your best friend, your cousin or perhaps your children have a play date and their friends want to stay over. Everyone who is expecting a guest hopes for a good night sleep without worry for both the host and the guest. There are pros and cons for both, so keep reading to find out which comes on top. 


Sofa beds

When you invest in a good space-saving sofa bed you will have the combination of a luxurious bed and sofa in one. 


  • If you live in an apartment on your own, a sofa bed can serve as both seating and extra sleeping space, saving you valuable floor space which you can use for other things.
  • Sofa beds might be comfier due to the mattress, especially if it's a memory foam or a hybrid style mattress.
  • Sofa beds offer additional seats as well as more bed space.


  • If you have a smaller home, you might not be able to fit every type of sofa bed in.
  • The cost of purchasing a sofa bed is higher than an air mattress
  • Sofa beds take up valuable floor space even when they aren't being used because of the overall size of the bed.


Air Mattress 

An air mattress is an easy sleeping solution that you can blow up every time it needs to be used. Let's look at some pros and cons of this idea also.


  • When not in use, air mattresses take up no space on the floor as they can be deflated and rolled away after each use.
  • Air mattresses are generally less expensive to purchase.
  • An air mattress can be used in the house and outside of the home for example on trips.


  • Extra effort is needed to blow the bed up and deflate it. If you have frequent guests it may become more of a hassle to do this.
  • They are less comfortable than any other sleeping solution.
  • Air mattresses can easily be punctured. Anything from your pet cat’s nails to a small object can cause a small hole to form. Before you know it your mattress and sinking - which will mean you will likely need to replace it.

Although both are suitable for sleeping, the sofa bed is our favourite!  At Furnitureful we want you to have the best nights sleep and experience with any bed that you use and sofa beds come out on top. If you have a small space, sofa beds can help you create memories with your friends and family. Although air mattresses can be rolled away to create more space - they are not as pleasant to sleep on or to look at as a sofa bed. Sofa beds are appealing to the eye and will create conversion between you and your family member,  as you demonstrate how you transform your sofa into a bed just for them. If you don't have the luxury of a spare room but you don't want to squeeze an air mattress into your living room which is already furnished and full of home items, a sofa bed is a choice for you. 

Make sure you check out our other blogs on sofa beds, ottoman beds and even mattresses for more inspiration for your home! 

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