Sofa Beds Kids Can't Break

Sofa beds kids can’t break

The centre of every family’s life is the living room sofa, but that that’s doesn’t mean that you will accept a mess on a new sofa. Such as finger paint, food stains, and deflated cushions, but there are ways that you can make a sofa family-friendly.

It is just up to you to buy the right sofa that can prevent stains and clean up spills.

Fabric or leather?

This decision will be about your aesthetic preference, but you are going to have to think twice when buying a sofa with kids around.

For instants leather can be easy to clean, you can simply wipe it down and the stain would be gone but it’s more susceptible to scratches. Kid’s toys and clothes can also do damage to leather upholstery. You can’t do a lot about that. Pets and cats like to sport their claws that are bound to leave a mark.

The disadvantage of a leather sofa is that you wouldn’t be able to get rid of a stain straight away. it will take a lot of elbow grease for you to get rid of the stains. For example, white leather that particularly stains every day that isn’t a good colour choice for those that have denim and oily skin. It sounds great to have a leather sofa but then it could turn the owners into obsessive sofa cleaners to keep it clean. It generally looks good to have a leather sofa, but they are very expensive.

Another option would be vinyl which could be an alternative that comes in a variety of colours but tends to be less comfortable and can crack with age.

So, when buying a fabric sofa, you should know that they aren’t easy to clean. As domestic upholstery cleaners tend to be limited in their effectiveness and professional cleaners can get nasty stains out. However, dark colours and patterns can do a wonderful job at hiding inevitable spills and scuffs. They can be easy to clean as leather when given the right preventative measurements.

What can be the other considerations?

You could get a sturdy sofa, something that is solid and is built like a tank. No matter how well kids behave, they can still put extra stains on the sofa. For example, if they just don’t jump on it then they would most certainly do more than sit on it.

What are the main common factors that you should look out for when buying a sofa?

You should avoid skirts, they are like magnets to dirt, muddy footprints, and crumbs. Walking around bare legs on the sofa will save you a lot of trouble and heartache. This will help make it easier when you need to retrieve small objects that get kicked under the sofa.

Next cushioning also comes in your personal preference, feathers are high maintenance. this will require daily plumping so you can keep its shape and appearance. Fibre as it isn’t too soft but will require less maintenance, though not by much.

Then lastly is foam which tends to feel firmer but isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a firmer cushion promotes better posture. Which is the lowest maintenance of the three, this behaves more like a mattress. you still need to turn and flip the

cushions so they can maintain their shape and be used longer than the alternatives.

What protective measures can you take?

There isn’t that can be protected completely against children. Even leather that is easy to clean and microfibres are at risk of kids that have sticky hands one way or another. But there are protective measures you can give your sofa a chance for long-term use.

For example, slipcovers are popular for making a sofa child-friendly. Many are easy to clean if you have a spill that you straight away clean but most importantly you should know that most covers are machine washable. But you can take the cover off when guests come round also slipcovers are inexpensive but replacing an irretrievably stained cover is far cheaper than reupholstering a sofa.

people attend to be strict it all depends on how attached you are to your sofa. In some families, you go as far as banning food from the living room, which is an upside that promotes family eating at the dining table. But no matter how sturdy the sofa is, the arms are vulnerable points in the sofa. sitting on the cushion on the edge of the sofa will make it lose its shape quicker by concentrating too much on the weight in one place.

The main point is that no matter how careful you are, how strict the rules are. The protective measures that you put in place to it won’t keep it safe because at some point there will be a stain on it.

As there is the specific solution for every type of stain for every type of sofa which are:

  • Get to the stain as quickly as possible
  • Blot with a damp cloth to dilute the stain, do not scrub
  • Use an upholstery cleaner as directed on the bottle

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