Sofa Comfort When Pregnant

Sofa when pregnant

When having any difficulty with your pregnancy you should always ask your doctors and nurses. Family members are also there to help you and don’t feel embarrassed in asking about sitting down or lying down as you are just looking after the well being of you and your child. 

Should I sleep on a sofa bed if I’m pregnant?

You can sleep on a sofa when pregnant however it isn’t likely that it’s going to give you comfort and relief. It is recommended that you sleep on a mattress rather than a sofa as you would have more space whereas a sofa can be restricting.

Lying on a sofa when pregnant?

Lying on a sofa isn’t bad however it is recommended that you don’t lay flat on the sofa, as it can hurt or even damage your spine. You already have the weight of the baby pushing against your body. you wouldn’t want to add to that pressure when lying down on a sofa. 

How to sit on a sofa when pregnant?

There are many ways to sit on a sofa while you're pregnant but you make it easier for you while you are sitting you should add cushioning to support your body and in the places where you aren’t getting much support such as your back you can add a pillow to your lower back to add extra support while you sit. It will make it easier for you to get comfortable.

How to get up from a sofa when pregnant?

When getting up from sitting on a sofa you should ask for help, you want to keep your back straight to prevent any pain for you and your child. Although it may be strange there are other ways to get up from a sofa but it’s mostly a trial and error, you should find a way that you find comfort in getting up from lying or sitting on a sofa.

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