Storage Beds

Storage beds

When buying a storage bed, look into what type of bed you are getting. For example, will the bed you want have to be lifted to access the storage? Or will the storage bed have drawers that slide out of the sides? Will the storage bed have one drawer or 2 that slide out making it easier for separating and storing things and what will the bed go with your room?

What to store, when adding to your room look at where you want everything. Take into consideration how often you will be using the item, for example, shoes, you can store shoes in your storage beds, you can have a shoebox and place it under your bed to allow easy access for shoes and it will help you keep track of where everything is.

How to maximise storage in a small bedroom. You can maximise storage by using a storage bed it gives you more storage space for your items.

How to store clothes in a small bedroom, there are different ways to store clothes in a small bedroom, you can use bookshelves as a place to store clothes, you can use your curtain rail as a rail to hang your heavier clothes such as coats and jumpers.

Advantages of bed storage:

  • Opens up your room
  • Adds a hidden storage area
  • Gives a safe place to store important documents
  • Makes it easier to clean your room
  • Best for small bedrooms gives more storage space

Disadvantages of bed storage

  • Can be a struggle to look through
  • Can be difficult to keep opening and closing
  • No separation everything is placed next to each other

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