Take Care Of Yourself This Winter.

Take care of yourself this winter.

The winter season is an exciting yet busy season, there are so many activities like holiday parties, family/friend dinners, thanksgiving, Christmas, buying and giving gifts and new year. In a season where so much is happening it is easy to forget to look after and take care of yourselves.

It is very common to feel the blues once all the exciting things and celebrations are over, you go from having a lot of things to do, celebrating with people that you love around you and eating your favourite foods, then having most of that stop once the celebrations are over, so it is only normal to feel a sense of dullness and to not be motivate when it comes to doing things after the activities are over. Not only do you lose motivation to take care of yourselves after the celebrations are over, but the cold weather also makes you lose motivation to do things let alone take care of yourself.

It's hard to get up and be motivated to leave your home during the winter when it is freezing to work out, its more tempting to just sit home wrapped in blankets where it warm but taking care of yourself shouldn’t come second. You don’t always have to work out in the gym regular in door workouts will suffice for the time being.

During the winter, it is a must to eat warm foods, warm soups, stew, casserole, and any other warm foods that you enjoy eating during the winter. Try to opt for more healthy options if possible or eat your meals with some vegetables. Eat foods that will not only fill you up but will also, help you take care of your body and your immune system to prevent you from getting a cold or flu.

The winter is the driest time of the year, our skin, hair, lips, and body suffer from this, so it is vital that we hydrate our body constantly to make up for all of the water leaving our body. The lack of sunlight usually mean that people drink to more teas and coffees to get the caffeine that they need so that they don’t feel as tired and those tend to dehydrate us even more so try to drink your 2L a day for your body and your skin.

The lack of sunlight means that we may start to be deficient in vitamin D, so it is recommended to take vitamin supplements and any other supplement you are deficient it to give your body the support that it needs to run efficiently. This also, goes hand in hand with taking care of our immune system as it is more likely to take a hit during the winter than other times of the year. The cold reduces the strength of our immune system so stay warm and take supplements that will help build a strong immune system.

Taking care of yourself means that you have to take of all of you, your boy, your mind, your health and your overall being as a whole, whether taking care of yourself to you means that you take care and ten to your more creative side that brings you peace and joy, that you normally aren’t able to tend to then the inter is the perfect time to do so as most people have time off of work then. If taking care of yourself to you means, that you pamper yourself, detox and relax with things like face masks, baths and keeping up with your overall appearance then you should take the time out to do that. If taking care of yourself to you means that you like working out, going on walks, going jogging, drinking smoothies, and eating healthy then you should do that. A lot of people tend to lose the motivation to take care of themselves during the winter which then affects everything from your mood, self-esteem, mindset, your sleep, and your physical and mental health. Taking care of oneself is very specific and based on an individual’s wants, needs, and interests during this holiday you should find ways that help you feel motivated, feel as peace and allow you to destress through self-care actives to better you, your mental health, and your sleep.

Arguably, the most important thing you can do for yourself when it comes to taking care of yourself is letting yourself get the 7-9 hours of sleep that is recommended. A lot of things happen when we sleep, one of those being that our body uses that time to restore and heal our body and our immune system, if you don’t get the recommended amount of sleep then your immune system will suffer because, of it alongside many other things like makeup for any lost energy.

With some many distractions preventing us from taking care of ourselves it is easy to forget about it but it is incredibly important to take care of ourselves and our needs, if we want to stay happy and healthy.

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