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Most of us will have guests staying over at our houses at some point in our lifetimes. Now, I’m sure you might even have a guest bed for them in the guest bedroom but is it really the best bed for them? You'll want your guests to be relaxed and comfortable (and fit in the bed too!) so why not let us walk you through the different beds you can buy to make your house the pinnacle of good host hospitality? You’re sure to be captivated by some of the choices we present you with today.

So, without further ado let’s get into it!

Bed number 1: The Sofa Bed

Is it a sofa? Or is it a bed? Well, let me tell you: it’s both! Sofa beds can be both practical and stylish (unlike the rather unfortunate looking folding bed) and are becoming increasingly accessible online. Acting as a sofa during the day, the sofa bed’s seat can be folded out at night creating a bed that can be surprisingly comfortable. It’s a bed option that is great for those on a budget however the classical beauty of most traditional beds usually usurps this modern bed type. For example, Furnitureful’s beautiful grey upholstered Ottoman storage bed is difficult to beat and far surpasses the aesthetics of  sofa bed.

Bed number 2: The  Folding Bed

Although this bed is unlikely to win any awards for aesthetics, it can't be denied that this bed’s practicality is definitely not overrated. Also known as the Murphy bed, this bed can be stored against the wall to free up lots of your room space which can be vital if your guest bedroom is small. However, they can be especially dangerous around little ones because if they're not stored properly they can collapse onto them. 

Bed number 3: The Trundle bed

The trundle bed is quite ingenious in that it can be rolled or slid under a much higher bed, saving you room space. A low bed, trundles are highly practical and can be beautifully designed; however,  they typically require specialised mattresses because the trundle is designed slightly smaller than your standard twin bed.

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