The types of pillows out there

This may be your first time hearing that there is more than one type of pillow out there. I know, when I first heard about it I couldn’t believe it either. But the reality is that people have different needs and requirements from their pillows and the market reflects this. Some need more neck support, others just want some pillows as casual, cheerful decoration. Regardless of what you need or what you know, we’re sure that here at Furnitureful we can help pinpoint all the different varieties that are out there as well as show you which best suits your tastes. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Types of pillows out there

  1. The Euro/continental pillow -  can be used for both decoration or set against the headboard as a suitable bed rest. These large, square pillows usually measure 65cm x 65cm and have removable covers that can be easily washed to promote good hygiene in the bedroom.

  1. The Throw/decorative pillow - throw pillows are just casual decorative pillows that can be strewn arfully onto a bed/sofa to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Usually smaller than continental pillows, throw pillows come in a variety of colours and designs. Why not invest in one today to spice up your bedroom?

  1. The sleeping pillow - now this is the pillow that you’re likely using right now and is the primary pillow used across the country to sleep with. Invest in one which suits your needs (such as how soft or hard you want it to be) so that you can spend stress free nights getting a healthy amount of sleep!

  1. The Bolster pillow - this pillow type is a tubular shaped pillow that is used primarily for lumbar (back) support. However, some people do use them as decorative pieces only. They come in a variety of sizes and colours.

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