The ultimate guide to the mid sleeper bed

A single bed is also a twin bed. A small double bed is also referred to as a queen bed. There are so many names for so many different (and the same!) beds that it's easy to see that many of our readers may become confused. Well, today we’ve decided to focus on a little-heard about bed that is fast rising in popularity in the furniture world: yes, that’s right, it’s the one and only mid sleeper bed. Maybe you’ve heard about it. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, here at Furnitureful we’re going to go over what it is, it’s advantages as well as its disadvantages as well as whether it could truly be the bed for you in the future.

What is a mid sleeper bed?

A mid sleeper bed is a bed that is supposed to be accessed by stairs or a ladder. It is typically raised off the ground and the space underneath can be used for storage. They differ from a traditional bunk bed in that the area underneath does not house another bed or beds.

What are the advantages of a mid sleeper bed?

There are a variety of advantages of mid sleeper beds of which we have bullet pointed a few below:

  • They’re great fun and an interesting move away from traditional beds. Most children absolutely love them too!
  • They’re great if your bedroom is on the smaller side because of the storage space they provide underneath

What are the disadvantages?

However, not everythings rosy when it comes to mid sleeper beds. Check out these negatives below:

  • They can be dangerous for young ones - some kids could fall off the bed so it's worth keeping in mind that they’re not for everybody.
  • It could be quite a task to try to tuck in a sleepy young one.

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