Toddler Bed Or Daybed?

by Dylan Bowen June 01, 2022 2 min read

Toddler bed or daybed

Parents want the best for their babies, and that means making sure they are safe and relaxed at any age, awake or asleep. New-borns become babies who evolve into toddlers so fast that it can be hard to know which bed is suitable for them.

Children can transition from a cot to a daybed or toddler bed at anywhere from 12-24 months, but there are several benchmarks needed to be met before using a daybed for your toddler. There are also specific suggestions concerning the safety of your toddler and the beds that are best for them.

Daybeds are great for reclining or lounging in guest rooms.

People of a range of ages use these beds to support their nap time.

Surprisingly, daybeds have both advantages and disadvantages when toddlers use them, but they are fun for toddlers.

Whether you are a parent or a relative of a toddler, it is necessary for you to know if a daybed is good for toddlers or not.

A daybed or toddler bed is adequate for toddlers. Even, it is favourable for children to toddlers, of almost all ages. When toddlers begin to walk, they like a place where they can move around easily without being stopped, which is why we suggest a two-in-one daybed can be used for both playing and resting for toddlers.

Do you need a box spring for a daybed?

Box springs are not required for daybeds, since the daybed frame itself supplies adequate support for your mattress. The extra space below the frame can be used for storage.

Differences between a toddler bed and a daybed

Toddler beds and daybeds are quite similar. Toddler beds are low to the floor and can fit a regular cot mattress. They may have an open side and three enclosed sides, or just a headboard and a footboard depending on the style you buy.

Daybeds are similar in as they are low to the ground, but they have a railing on three sides, with one of the long sides of the bed open, with no railing and also a larger mattress. Daybeds fit a twin-sized type mattress but sometimes are made for a full-sized mattress.

The smoother mattresses used in a daybed and larger ones are essential to support the toddler’s lighter bodies as soon as the risk of SIDS and suffocation has passed. A toddler can continue to use their cot mattress as long as they fit in their cot mattress but it may become uncomfortable, and they may have a more difficult time sleeping.

Dylan Bowen
Dylan Bowen

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