Toddler Bed Vs Single Bed Size?

Toddler bed vs single bed size

So your child may be growing quite quickly and you may be wondering what is the best type of bed for your child and the best size for them too. There are many factors which will determine the best size for your child’s bed such as their age, the space of the room etc.

The age of your child will determine massively the size of the bed which you will decide to buy.

As children grow their needs change, by this we mean that the older a child gets the more a child will want a room to play around in which is why it is important to buy a bed which doesn't take up too much floor space.

On the contrary, children of an older age may want to sleep more and want a bigger bed to feel more independent.

Space is a massive factor too, your child’s room size massively affects the size of their bed because you want a bed which will fit their room but also leave enough space for them to play around and have their toys scattered around.

When your child hits that age in their life where they become more mobile it is most likely the time to change your child from a cot to a bed. Toddler beds are suitable for children who are 2 years old.

Toddler beds are smaller compared to a single bed so if you are transitioning your child from a cot to a bed you may need to buy a new mattress for them too.

The height of a toddler bed is less than a single bed, great for younger children who may accidentally fall over in the night.

Single beds vary in size depending on their design and where the bed is manufactured, for example, an EU single bed size is different to a UK single bed.

The measurements of a UK single bed will measure someplace between 200cm in length, and 99cm in width and require a UK single mattress size of 90cm x 190cm.

The sizes of an EU single bed will measure somewhere between 212cm in length, and 102cm in width and require an EU single mattress size of 90cm x 200cm.

Single beds are also higher in height compared to toddler beds, so keep this in mind when looking into purchasing a single bed for your child too.

So, you may be wondering what is best for your child? Well that we cannot answer as it is personal preferences and budgets which will determine the best for your child as well as the amount of space in your child’s bedroom too.

If there is limited space in your child’s bedroom we suggest you purchase other kinds of beds or research them before buying a bed, day beds, bunk beds and even cabin beds are great for children especially when there is limited space in their room already and you don’t want to overcrowd their room.

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