Upholstered Bed With Storage

Upholstered bed with storage

As houses get smaller, our collections of ‘stuff’ seem to induce proportionally bigger. That leaves the general public with a really modern problem – where does one store all those bits and pieces, seasonal clothes, and bedroom trinkets when they’re not needed? We love decluttering and creating a restful, minimalist look within the bedroom.

However, all that stuff should go somewhere, right? That’s where upholstered beds are available. These stylish, comfortable beds have hidden storage spaces that make the most straightforward use of that under-the-bed area of the bedroom – a spot that’s rarely utilised to the fullest advantage.

They give you the choice of tucking away your winter woollies during the summer or keeping precious objects well off from little fingers all year round.

There are two main styles of upholstered beds with storage – Ottoman styles and Divans. Both have advantages, and the type you select will rely upon some practical factors, combined with your personal preference.

The number one consideration you would like to require under consideration before you create a choice is what proportion of space you have got around the bed. If you’re limited to ‘just enough room to induce your slippers off’ on either side, then a divan with drawers isn't a practical choice, as you won’t be able to fully open the drawers and make the foremost of the cupboard space.

An Ottoman style where the upper part of the bed lifts (either from the foot or the side) on a hinged system makes way more sense. By lifting the highest of the bed, you'll access the entire cargo area underneath – although you may have to remake the bed properly afterwards.

What are you storing? If you’re using your under-the-bed area for storing seasonal clothes then you almost certainly won’t need constant access to that and again, an Ottoman would be a higher choice. However, if you’re storing knick-knacks and bits you would like to induce regularly (and you've got a lot of space around the bed), then a divan with drawers on the side is way more practical.

The practical points are important, but ultimately the sort of bed you select comes all the way down to your own preferences. Upholstered beds add barely indulgent luxury into any bedroom, with soft material, stylish designs and a hotter, cosier feel. If you’re trying to find upholstered beds with storage then explore for beds that don’t compromise on style for the sake of practicality.

The upholstered bed sides will disguise the drawers that are incorporated into the bed, without making the bed look overly bulky or cumbersome. With divans, you'll be able to have anything from two to four separate drawers, while with an Ottoman you've got either one, large space or compartmentalised sections.

Whichever kind of upholstered bed with storage you decide on, there’s one thing you'll make certain of – there’ll be no effect on the comfort of your bed.

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