What a cluttered bedroom says about you

We’re sure that time and time again you've seen the research all about how you should clean your room regularly. How a clean and organised room leads to a clean and organised mind. And yet, what really are the implications of a room that has been left in a messy state. What really is the reality and affect on you if you don't tidy your bedroom? Well, here at Furnitureful we've decided to explore this topic today so that you can get to know all about what a cluttered up and untidy bedroom can mean for you. So, what are you waiting for? Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Is a cluttered bedroom recommended or is a tidy bedroom better?

A cluttered bedroom is definitely NOT better. Research at the New York St. Lawrence’s University found that having a messy bedroom was actually a factor in having a poorer night’s sleep and greater anxiety. Don’t believe it? Well, have you ever come home to your bedroom being a mess? Your whole house being a mess? Clothes and dirty dishes everywhere. Just the thought of having to clean it up will begin to stress you out. And you haven't even started cleaning it up. There. Easy to see how a messy bedroom can begin to impact your mental state and give you sleepless nights even.

So, what really are the advantages of having a bedroom that is tidy and organised then?

Well, on this topic too there is a wealth of research that supports the fact that having an organised room will really lead to peace. For example, did you know that cleaning will quite obviously help you maintain the dust mites in the air and allow you to sleep more peacefully and healthily. So what are you waiting for. Tidy up. Don’t sleep on it!

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