What Are Bed Frame Sizes?

What Are Bed Frame Sizes?

A bed frame is the part of a bed used to position the bed base, the flat section which in turn directly supports the mattress. The frame can also prevent the mattresses from sliding sideways, and it has the possibility of including a  means of supporting a canopy above. Bed frames are usually made of wood or metal.

The following is a collection of bed-frame sizes that we have here in the UK.





Small Single

2ft6" x 6ft3" 

30" x 75" 

75 x 190cm


3ft0" x 6ft3"

36" x 75"

90 x 190cm

Small Double

4ft0" x 6ft3"

48" x 75

120 x 190cm


4ft6" x 6ft3"

54" x 75"

135 x 190cm

King Size 

5ft0" x 6ft6"

60" x 78"

150 x 200cm

Super King Size

6ft0" x 6ft6"

72" x 78" 

180 x 200cm

The maximum weight a bedframe can support is dictated by it’s size, i.e. the larger the surface area the more it can support overall. For single beds, the maximum weight is typically 500lbs or roughly 226kg. As you go up in size, the intention usually changes as larger beds are designed to support 2 people at a time. This ups the total weight a 1000lbs on king size beds and up (roughly 453kg). Larger beds offer lessened motion transfer based on their quality, ideal for couples getting quality sleep.

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