What Are Four-Poster Beds?

What are four-poster beds?

A four-poster bed is a bed that has four vertical columns, one on each corner of the bed that is designed to support the upper panel which is usually rectangular. This upper panel usually has rails that allow curtains to be pulled along each side of the bed. The majority of four-poster beds are created from oak wood

Why should you purchase a four-poster bed?

There are 5 main reasons why you should purchase a four-poster bed for your bedroom and these include:

Even lighting- The four-poster bed has rails attached to the upper panels which allow for curtains to be hung along each side of the bed. If you are someone who loves to nap during the day but finds it difficult to with the light seeping through the window, you can use the curtains to create even lighting. Once you are in bed you can draw the curtains to create the perfect lighting for you to fall asleep too.

Privacy- Your bedroom should be a private space just meant for you but when you are living with other family members it can be hard to maintain that privacy as they can just walk into your bedroom whenever they feel. The four-poster bed will help to give you more privacy because you can drape the curtains around you whilst you are in bed and it will give you the privacy you have been longing for.

Keeps you warm- When choosing the curtains for your four-poster bed you should opt for thicker materials such as velvet, especially during the colder months. This is because it will help you keep your body heat trapped which will keep you warmer.

Protects you- The four-poster bed will not only protect you from nosy family members but it will also protect you from other insects such as bed bugs or mosquitoes.

Aesthetic- Four-poster beds are very elegant-looking beds which make any bedroom look a lot fancier. These beds are generally in hotel rooms, so having one in your bedroom can really bring an expensive look into your home.

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