What Are The Different Styles Of Bed Frames?

What are the different styles of bed frames?

There are many different styles of beds and these are:

  • Day bed                             
  • Futon
  • Water bed 
  • Air bed
  • Bookcase bed 
  • Murphy bed
  • Convertible bed 
  • Four poster bed 
  • Low poster bed
  • Half poster beds 
  • Round bed
  • Divan
  • Ottoman bed 
  • Hanging bed 
  • Upholstered bed 
  • Open frame bed
  • Day bed:

    A day bed is a bed that is extremely adaptable to the time of the day and occasion. This is because the day bed can be utilized as a range of furnishings such as bed, a bench and even a sofa, talk about multipurpose. A day bed is very similar to a futon, but it is more appealing to the eye. The day bed comes in a variety of styles colours and sizes and is ideal for being used in home offices and guest rooms. 


    Similarly, to a day bed a futon also has more than one use and can be used as a bed and sofa. The futon is Japanese style of bed that is best for smaller living areas such as small bed rooms and apartments as it will help to save and maximise the space. The futon is very easy to move around as it is foldable which makes it perfect for travelling.

    Water bed:

    A water bed is a bed that is full of water. Water beds have a number of advantages, such as easing aches and pains and water beds can even be utilized during sessions of physio. The water in the water beds is known to be very calming and also helps to alleviate stress and pressure on any joints that may be feeling tight and sore. Though the water bed does have its benefits it still isn’t the most popular style of bed.

    Air bed:

    Even though air beds are also filled likewise to the air mattress, they are in fact different. This is because air beds are used for in the home and are used for daily where as air mattress are less permanent and are utilized for activities such as camping or traveling. 

    Bookcase bed:

    Bookcase bed are designed with built in shelves and compartments specifically made to house book. This style of bed is a great choice for all those book worms out there who love a good read and enjoy reading a book before bed. 

    Murphy bed:

    A murphy bed is essentially a bed that you pull down from the wall, this bed style is for those people who want to make the most out of their space. The murphy bed has a hinge on the very end of the bed which allows it to be folded over and then stowed against the wall. Majority of murphy beds do come with storage compartment also as this also allows you to maximise your space. 

    Convertible bed:

    A convertible bed is a multifunction piece of furniture, they can be converted from sofa in to a bed and then from a bed back into a sofa. You can use the convertible bed in any room in the house.

    Four-poster bed:

    A Four poster bed have four individual posts that are placed in all four corners of the bed. This bed is ideal for larger bedrooms as it does take up a lot of space.

    Low-poster bed:

    A low poster bed is almost identical to a four-poster bed. The only difference is that the posts on the low poster bed are shorter and are only a few inches long. 

    Half poster bed:

    This poster bed is slightly more unique than other two poster beds. This is because the posters on this bed at the foot of the bed are very short, lower than the low poster bed too. 

    Round bed:

    A round bed is obviously round and circular shaped. The style of this bed is as large as a king-sized mattress is. These types of bed work in any bedroom as they are very stylish and elegant. 


    If you are trying to kill two birds with one stone and want to purchase a bed frame that comes with a mattress then the divan bed is perfect for you. Divan beds have specially crafted wooden frame that is then covered in fabric. Some divan beds do come with storage space in the form of pull out draws. 

    Ottoman bed:

    Ottoman beds come with storage space; you have to lift up the mattress with leaver to reveal the hidden storage space. 

    Hanging bed:

    A hanging bed hangs down from the ceiling. A hanging bed can be used in a range of ways, you can use a hanging bed outside or inside it is entirely up to you, 

    Upholstered bed:

    The bedframe on an upholstered bed can be made from various materials, such as suede, velvet, and faux fur. The fabric is placed on a layer of padding which makes the headboard feel soft and cosy.

    Open frame bed:

    Open frame beds are made from metal and their design is very simple. However, you can purchase this bed frame in a range of styles and they do look very modern.   

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