What Are The Different Types Of Sofas?

What are the different types of sofas?

There are a variety of different types of sofas for you to choose from and these are:

  • Sectional sofa
  • Chesterfield sofa
  • Lawson-style sofa
  • Mid-century modern sofa
  • Contemporary mid-century modern sofa
  • English rolled arm sofa
  • Bridgewater sofa
  • Camelback sofa
  • Cabriole sofa
  • Chaise lounge sofa
  • Sleeper sofas
  • Loveseat sofas
  • Divan sofa
  • Settee sofa
  • Recliner sofa
  • Tuxedo sofa
  • Low-seated sofa
  • Pallet couches 
  • Sofa lounger

Sectional sofa: 

A sectional sofa is a sofa that comes in multiple pieces, the pieces usually come in 3 to 5 pieces. This sofa can be put together in diverse ways, the more pieces the sofa comes in type more ways there will be to put together the sofa. This sofa has grown in popularity and many people opt to purchase this sofa over purchasing the other sofa types. This is because there are loads of assorted designs and colours and fabrics that they can choose from and when buying a sofa, it is important to have many options as you want something that will go with the décor of your living room.

Chesterfield sofa:

The Chesterfield sofa is a sofa that is popular for its quilted look and is a fancier and elegant looking sofa. Some of the chesterfield sofas only have the quilted design on the back and arms of the sofa. This sofa is still popular even among the new modern sofa and many people choose to buy this sofa over others for the luxurious look and feel it gives off in your living room. 

Lawson-style sofa:

This sofa is created with comfort being its main purpose, the Lawson sofa has separate pillows that are separate from the frame of the sofa that is placed against the back of the sofa. The whole purpose of this design is to provide the most comfort and relaxation that is possible. This sofa is immensely popular and will continue to be popular. It can be purchased in a range of sizes, colours, and fabrics which makes it entirely customisable. As the cushions are separate from the frame of the sofa you can move them around to your desire so you can experience the most comfort. 

Mid-century modern sofa:

This style of sofa was extremely popular in the 1930s all the way into the 1970s and is now regaining its popularity and making a comeback. This style of sofa is basic and very minimalist with clean straight lines and corners, you can buy this sofa in a range of styles. This sofa is very aesthetically pleasing but unfortunately is not the most comfortable. If comfort is what you are after, then I would give this sofa a miss and would buy a different sofa that its main purpose is to be as comfortable as possible. 

Contemporary mid-century modern sofa:

Modern sofas are often referred to as contemporary mid-century modern sofas. These sofas are like the mid-century modern sofa but have a more current look that is more suited to the times and décor of today. 

English rolled arm sofa:

The English rolled arm sofa has low arms and a higher back. There is some cushioning over the arms of the sofa. 

Bridgewater sofa:

The two words you can use to describe a Bridgewater sofa is casual and comfy. This style of sofas does look good in most living rooms it is however going to be the focal part of the room and the thing that stands out the most. If you are looking to purchase a more traditional and classic looking sofa that also is somewhat comfortable then this is the sofa for you. 

Camelback sofa:

The main design feature of this sofa is that it is higher in the centre and goes down into the arms of the sofa. These sofas are not as popular as they once were, but you can still buy them if you are going for an antique look with your furniture. 

Cabriole sofa:

The cabriole style of sofa is a sofa that has the same height on the back and arms of the sofa. Cabriole sofas have exposed wood that runs along the top of the back and arms of the sofa. 

Chaise lounge:

The chaise lounge sofas are still exceedingly popular and are frequently purchased. There are some chaise lounges that come with an arm and some chaise lounges do not. Many people purchase this sofa to use outside on their patio or even next to their pool. 

Sleeper sofas:

There are a range of sleeper sofas, there are pull out beds, futons, day beds, and even bunk beds that have sofas too. The most purchased type of the sleeper is the pull-out sofa bed this is because of multifunctional use. It can be used as a sofa and a bed and is perfect for any room in the house. 

Loveseat sofa:

The loveseat sofa is a sofa that comes with a set of sofas and is made for two people to use. Loveseats come in many assorted colours, designs, and styles. 

Divan sofa:

A divan sofa is sofa that has no back. Therefore, they need to be put against a wall, where you can put pillows to give back support. 

Settee sofas:

A settee is a wide type of chair sofa that is like a love seat. However, they are not comfortable and are like a larger version of dining room chair. 

Recliner sofa:

The recliner sofa is newer style of sofa that has grown in popularity as it is ideal for watching tv and reading books. This style of sofa is perfect for a family living room because of this they are purchased frequently and seen in most homes.

Tuxedo sofa:

A tuxedo sofa has high arms and back that then cut straight across. This sofa is very classy and elegant but not very comfortable. 

Low seated sofas:

A low seated comes in a range of styles which makes it perfect for any room in the house as it goes with everything and is designed for lounging around on. 

Pallet couch:

Pallet sofas a popular, they are usually built by people themselves, but you can purchase them already made as well as other pallet furniture. This style of sofa is usually made against the wall and then there are cushions that are placed against it. 

Sofa lounger:

A sofa lounger is sofa that is combined with a chaise lounge design. It is a sofa that has an area that is extended that allows you to rest your feet. This type of sofa comes in three styles a full sofa lounger, multi sofa lounger and a single sofa lounger.

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