What Bed Frame For Purple Mattress?

What bed frame for purple mattress?

Can I use my current bed frame with a purple mattress?

Yes, you can if your current bed frame is sturdy and of a good quality bed frame you can use any bed frame if the size is right, you should not have any issues with using your current mattress. On the of hand if the purple mattress does not fit just buy a new bed frame or return the purple mattress for another purple mattress which is the correct size.

Does purple mattress get indentations?

Yes, purple mattresses do get indentations like any other mattresses out there on the market over time. For the purple mattress it is mostly on the top layer of the mattress that receives the indents and shows signs of sagging in the mattress. This is because purple mattresses have great air flow, so the mattress does not overheat or get too cold. Also, the mattress is really comfy, so you do not harm your body as a result.

Can you put a headboard on a purple mattress frame?

If you get a bed frame from purple the headboard is better off being mounted on the wall. That way the mattress has space to expand and not slightly move down the bed frame due to the headboard that is connected to the wall.

Can a purple mattress be folded in half?

Yes, a purple mattress can be folded in half since the mattress has many layers and soft, but it is not recommended to do so. This is because it may permanently damage the mattress and it may become flat again if the folded mattress is in that position for a prolonged amount of time it will become hard to use and it may force you to buy a replacement mattress.

How heavy is a purple mattress?

An extra-large twin mattress is about 70lbs. A full mattress is about 81lbs. a queen mattress is roughly 110lbs. lastly a king mattress from purple is 140lbs. 

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