What Bed is Bigger Than a King?

What bed is bigger than a king?

You may be wondering what’s bigger than a king ? Well the answer is super king. 

What Is a Super King Size Bed? 

Super king size bed is wider than the king size bed and offers ultimate comfort and luxury. A super king size bed dimensions are 180 x 200cm (6’0” x 6’6”). 

Who is it ideal for? 

  • Couples who need extra space to sleep well without bothering each other ● Sleeping with children or pets 
  • People who have longer limbs so that can sleep without their feet dangling What should you consider before buying a king size bed ? 
  • Bedroom size 
  • Budget 
  • Number of people sleeping in the bed 

Pros and cons: 

Pros :

  • Provides a huge amount of sleeping space
  • Not suitable for most average sized bedrooms

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