What Bed Sheets Are Best For Summer?

What bed sheets are best for summer?

The best bed sheets for summer are light and breathable bed sheets, such as cotton, it allows air to flow through the sheet allowing you to feel cooler at night. Cotton bed sheets are soft and comfortable which will help you sleep easily on hot humid nights.

What bed sheets are best for winter?

It may seem odd but fleece bed sheets are best for winter, they help trap heat and help you stay warm on cold nights. However, be aware that fleece can be extremely warm, and uncomfortable for those who cannot handle too much heat. Soft flannel can also be a great alternative as it has the same properties, it keeps you warm and keeps you feeling cosy.

Benefits of fitted bed sheets:

Fitted sheets are comfortable, they come in many different materials and colours, and they also come in different sizes. Fitted sheets don’t move around easily which is great for those who move around in their sleep. A fitted sheet can be a bit tedious to put on and you may need help from another person however it is worth it as it gives a secure and soft base.

Benefits of flat bed sheets:

Flat sheets lay on top of your duvet this acts as a protective layer and prevents any dust or dirt from settling onto your duvet. A flat sheet is easy to remove and put on, there is no hassle and only requires one person. A flat bed sheet adds an extra layer of comfort and is easy to remove if stained.

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