What Does a Hybrid Mattress Mean?

What does a hybrid mattress mean?

As per the term ‘hybrid’ meaning the combination of two elements, hybrid mattress is a mattress that consists of two main components: memory foam and springs. Hybrid mattresses are a unique blend of these core elements offering the traditional bounce and support using coils, as well as comfort given through the foam. This fantastic blend is brilliant for sleepers who don’t want a mattress that solely constitutes of springs, or only of that sinking memory foam. It is also great for many body types, and sleepers who are ‘combination sleepers’ (so people who switch positions during their sleep)  back and stomach sleepers. 

Layers of comfort

Hybrid mattresses are known for their layers! As we have established, the 2 elements that make up a hybrid mattress is foam and springs. But, within the mattress these are layered: there is a top comfort layer, a layer of soft foam, memory foam, another layer of soft foam, pocket sprung and non-slip fabric. All these layers mean that hybrids give a comfortable and cosy sleep. The ‘foam’ can range from memory foam, latex foam, and even cooling gel to offer hot sleepers a better, cooler sleep. 

Great support 

As well as foam, springs are another core component of hybrid mattress which serve as a purpose to alleviate pain, pressure points and support spine alignment. If you suffer from joint pain or back pain, then hybrid mattresses can help. As well as this, these pocket springs or coils can also give the bed a little of that ‘bounce’ feel too.

Hot sleeper

Waking up in a sweat? Tend to feel heat discomfort during the sleep? Hybrid mattresses are excellent to give you a cooler and fresher sleep as they can have a layer of cooling gel. Thus, making it a breathable mattress which not only gives you a better, cooler sleep, but protect your mattress from absorbing perspiration seeping through. This means that your mattress won’t stain that horrible yellow/brownish colour or have a shorter lifespan because of this too.

Great for many Sleeping positions and body types

Hybrid mattresses are great as they can suit many different types of people. For example, hybrids can be great for combination, back and stomach sleepers offering support and comfort. Hybrid mattresses can also work well for many different weight types too. if you sleep on a mattress that doesn’t accommodate these things, you can deteriorate your health, sleep quality and  lifespan of the mattress

Can choose the firmness 

Depending on your preference, your body weight and what type of sleeping position will mean that you require a specific firmness.

1-3 - firmness level: extra soft, soft. For side sleepers under 130 pounds

4-6 – firmness level: medium soft, medium, medium firm. For side sleepers and back sleepers, ranging from 130-230 pounds. 

7-9 – firmness level: medium firm, firm, extra firm. For side, back and stomach sleepers. Where side sleepers over 230 pounds and back/stomach sleepers between 130-230 pounds.

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