What is a bed bath?

Bed baths

What is a bed bath?

A bed bath is to help those who cannot bathe themselves. They are done to physically clean dirt off the skin of those who are critically ill, or bedridden. Giving someone a bed bath helps decrease the risk of infections and is done by professional nurses, who are trained in this area. A bed bath includes cleaning the whole body one section at a time while the patient stays in bed. 

How are bed baths administered?

Bed baths can be administered with sponges or towels. They can be done by professional nurses who you can hire or family members. They can be done in hospitals or in the comfort of your own home. Although it can be intrusive it gets the job done. They can be administered up to 2-3 times a week depending on the patient’s needs. 

What are the advantages of bed baths 

  • Improves circulation 
  • Ensures the patient is clean 
  • Reduces risk of infection 
  • Reduces body odour
  • Helps move the body which can reduce pain 

What are the disadvantages of bed baths

  • Can be intrusive, leaving no privacy for the patient 
  • Can be uncomfortable for the patient 
  • Not as affective as showering or bathing 
  • The patient is not bathed or cleaned as often as they would like 
  • The patient has to wait for professionals to come help them bathe 
  • The patient isn’t able to relax in a warm bath
  • It can take more time and effort to clean the patient

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