What is a Mattress Topper?

What is a mattress topper? 

A mattress topper is almost like an extension to the mattress, giving you more support and extra amount of cushioning making your mattress even more comfortable. A mattress topper is a layer that goes on top of your mattress for extra comfort, mattress toppers are usually made from many different materials/fillings, some come in gel form, memory foam, hollowfibre, latex and feathers.  

Why buy a mattress topper?  

Sometimes after a few years mattresses can get a little worn out, but not enough to the point where you have to buy a new mattress, but enough that it starts to sink in a little and if you want to get back the bouncy and fullness in your mattress without having to buy a brand new one, then that is when you would look at getting a mattress topper. 

What mattress topper filling would be best for you?  

A mattress topper would usually be based on how you like your mattress as it is an extension to your mattress and an alternative to buying a brand-new mattress it makes sense to base the mattress topper filling on your preferences when it comes to buying a mattress. Although this isn't always the case and although this logic doesn’t always make sense for everyone, as we all have different tastes and opinions on things, this is a good guideline on what to base your purchase off if you don’t know exactly what you want from or what to look at when it comes to a mattress topper. 

Memory foam: 

Memory foam mattress toppers feels very luxurious and expensive because, of how cushiony and comfortable memory foam is. The way memory foam moulds to your body allows for it to relief the pressure points in your body like your hips, back and joints, the denser and thicker a memory foam mattress topper is the more pain relief and comfort it brings.  

Synthetic mattress topper: 

Mattress toppers that are made from hollowfibre or microfibre are called synthetic mattress toppers. These types of mattress toppers are best for those that are looking for something that is good for those that suffer from allergies, the synthetic mattress toppers are great options for anti-allergy mattress toppers. The difference between picking between a hollowfibre and a microfibre topper is that a hollowfibre provides for support while microfibre toppers feel softer.  

Feather mattress topper: 

A feather mattress filled topper is natural filling that is extremely soft and helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep making it a great insulator and great at keeping you naturally warm, perfect for the colder weather. Feather mattress toppers are very durable, soft and hold their shape very well.  

Each mattress topper offers some similar qualities and some unique qualities, depending on what your needs and wants are is what would determine which topper would be ideal for you, nonetheless all of these are great mattress topper fillings and it is a great way for you to make the best of your not so full and bouncy mattress in a very cost friendly way, mattress toppers are a very effective alternative for a mattress. Even if your mattress is new, if you are someone that likes a very soft, cushiony mattress even more than a regular mattress, you can always get a mattress topper and make it possible.  

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