What is a Memory Coil Mattress?

What is a Memory Coil Mattress?

Have you ever had a coil foam mattress before? Not sure? Well, let me get right into what a coil mattress is and how it might be the best mattress in the market.

Firstly, let's start with what is a coil mattress? This is to do with the design of how much your bed can support your weight and firmness of the materials used, the coil inside is a spring that is made out of steel rods and has a spiral shape. Due to the spiral of the spring and its material, it is unlikely to snap, bend or break when fitted correctly. Often customers buy mattresses and beds that come with springs that are made out of elastic, though it might add an easy way to manoeuvre and sink into the bed, it isn’t recommended as the force of yours or anyone else's weight can leave a dent in the mattress and struggles to snap into its original shape.

Our mattress comes in multiple sizes ranging from a single bed to a king-size bed. However, they all have the same benefits and layout. The stainless steel rods that were made with oil-tempered carbon have additional support, firmness, and a good depth of a person's body shape. Now if you have children you would know they often jump onto their beds or tend to move a lot, due to this fact our Mattresses have more than one quilting, stitching, and springs for each layer of the mattress.

What other benefits does our coil mattress have?

  • Highly reactive to shape and contour of your body
  • Refines to the original shape of the mattress
  • Mechanical Spring Coil
  • Viscosity and Density
  • Double foam for more springiness

Click here for more information and details about our coil mattress.

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