What Is A Platform Storage Bed?

What is a platform storage bed?

A platform bed would often be known as a cabin bed, the platform bed is a low-profile, raise frame that supports the mattress. The bed design is generally lowered to the ground when compared to traditional bed frames and box springs and platform beds’ height is usually between 5 to 12 inches.

There are 3 types of platform beds, slatted platform bed, metal platform bed, and solid platform bed.

The most notable feature of the platform bed is that it allows its owner of the bed to sleep comfortably on the mattress without the use of a box spring or separate foundation. what you can also get from a platform bed is the headboard, footboard also additional storage drawers that are located under the bed or at the foot of the bed.

The bed can come in standard bed frame sizes as the platform bed is designed to accommodate common mattress sizes.

The benefit that you can receive from the platform bed is that it offers sleepers a wide range of benefits. Firstly, is that the platform bed is affordable and ergonomic compared to other beds. One thing that you must make note of is that it’s compact and ideal for small bedrooms or apartments that have limited storage.

They also offer slatted platform beds which offer flexibility and comfort adjustments. As the slats can be moved to better accommodate your sleeping preference, it also allows the mattress for breathability and airflow. On the other side, the solid platform bed is better for heavier body weight.

Platform bed drawbacks

platform bed would be that it’s not ideal for senior people or people with asthma. As platform beds are heavier and harder to move and relocate compared to other beds. It wouldn’t also be ideal for people that are frequently relocating or for people who like to reconfigure their bedroom often.

Platform bed may be too firm for sleepers that would prefer a soft, contouring sleeping surface. As a solid platform bed doesn’t have air circulation beneath the mattress, so it may create a sleeping environment that is uncomfortable and hot for some sleepers.

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