What Is a Quilt?

What Is a Quilt? 

A quilt is a decorative piece that is similar to a duvet however, it is slightly different as a quilt has layers whereas a duvet does not. A quilt usually has 3 layers to it a backing layer, a front layer and a batting layer, all three of these layers make up a quilt.  

There are different variations of quilts that come in difference styles, shapes and sizes. The great thing about quilts is that it is very easy to find one that will fit you, the styles and ranges of a quilt is limitless, if you like something fluffy, if you like something more traditional, if you like something vibrant, whatever it is that you are looking for in a quilt, you should be able to find. 

What are these three layers?  

  • Top layer: the top layer is the decorative layer of the quilt, this is the outside layer that usually has a pattern on it, it often is made out of cotton although it can be made out of different a fabric.  
  • Batting layer: the batting layer is the middle of the quilt, it is a layer of the quilt that offers a soft warmth to it because, of the padded layer that the batting layer is made out of. Often the batting layer is made out of feathers, cotton, down or wool.  
  • Bottom layer: this layer is the bottom part of the quilt; this layer is normally a solid piece of fabric that is the same material as the top part of the quilt.  

What is a quilt used for?  

A quilt offers the warmth of a duvet while simultaneously serving as a decorative piece. A quilt can be used for several purposes such as a: 

  • Family heirloom/gift 
  • Bed covering  
  • Wall covering  
  • Throw blanket 

There are other purposes for a quilt as well, all depending on what you want to do with a quilt. A quilt looks great on top of a bed or on top of a sofa as a throw blanket not only is it a great way to add personality and light to a room or a bedroom and it works as a great way to get comfortable and warm in bed or a living room.  

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