What Is Bed To Population Ratio?

What is bed to population ratio?

Bed to population ratio is the number of hospital beds per 1000 people. So, for example in a country there could be 100 hospital beds per 1000 people in the population, that would be 100:1000 as a ratio or to simply it 10:100 or just 1:10 as a ratio in its simplest form.

Which country has the most hospital beds per capita?

The top 10 countries by bed to population ratio are as follows (data outdated):

  • 1 is Monaco at19.57 per 1000
  • 2 is Virgin Islands at 18.68 per 1000
  • 3 is Greenland at 14.35 per 1000
  • 4 is Japan at 14.3 per 1000 per 1000
  • 5 is Mongolia at 11.49 per 1000
  • 6 is Belarus at 11.3 per 1000
  • 7 is Russia at 10.5 per 1000
  • 8 is Germany at 8.9 per 1000
  • 9 is Czech Republic at 8.8 and Ukraine at 8.8 per 1000
  • 10 is Lithuania at 8.7 per 1000

Why is bed occupancy rate important?

This is so that they can use the beds available to them as efficiently as possible when the patients have been given a certain amount of time to use the beds during their stay at the hospital. This is so that the hospitals can manage how many beds they have left and when they are able to give a bed to a patient who is waiting for a bed without compromising them or their health. 

What is a good bed occupancy rate for a hospital?

Anything less than an 85% bed occupancy rate is good. If the bed occupancy rate goes above the 85% threshold it will start to affect the hygiene of the hospital as infections will start to spread since there is not enough space in between each patient to stop the transmission of germs, bacteria and infections causing that hospital to no longer be suitable to treat people at.

Which country has the most has most number of hospitals in the world? (2019 data)

  • 1 is Japan 8,334 hospitals.
  • 2 is United States 5,464 hospitals.
  • 3 is Mexico 4,637 hospitals.
  • 4 is South Korea 4,133 hospitals.
  • 5 is France 3,082 hospitals.

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