What is the difference between a hybrid and a normal mattress?

What is the difference between a hybrid and a normal mattress?

What is a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses combine the expert functional design of the innerspring mattress with the comfort of the newer mattress that do not use any wires. They created to give the solidity of an innerspring mattress, without give up on the comfort factor of the mattress either.    

The hybrid mattress is made up of three layers the, foundation layer, the core layer, and the comfort layer:

  • The foundation layer- Contrasting to the innerspring mattress, the hybrid mattresses do not need a box spring added it to give support. As an alternative their initial layer comprises of two or more inches of cushioning for firmness and relaxation.    
  • The core layer- The core layer makes up most of the hybrid mattress and is generally around seven to eight inches in thickness. It joins together the formation, lift and airflow of coil garlands with the foam layers flexible and body contouring ability.     
  • The comfort layer- The comfort layer is the most important layer of the mattress; the comfort layer lies beneath your body whilst you sleep.  Hybrid mattresses utilize memory foam, latex, or cooling gel to modify the individuals sleeping encounter.  
  • Benefits and concerns of a hybrid mattress:

    Are hybrid mattresses are a good choice for a mattress? The combination of an innerspring mattress and the softness of the memory foam mattress, hybrid mattresses are more than easily adjustable to a range of different individuals and routines and increased comfort levels compared to other mattresses.  

    They are especially beneficial when it involves the: 

    • An individual’s sleeping posture- Dependent on your sleeping position, if you are a stomach sleeper, a side sleeper or a back sleeper, the softness of the hybrid mattress will outline the shape of your body to give support where it is required most. 
    • If you sleep with a partner- Hybrid mattresses are a great choice for partners who prefer different sleeping postures whilst they are sleeping. Their developed weight allocation enables both partners to sleep contentedly next to each other.  
    • Bed frame changeability- Due to the fact that the assembly of a hybrid mattress is entirely interior, the mattress does not require a box spring for support. Hybrid mattresses can be places on both metal or slatted bed frames, platform beds, or even be used on the floor.  

    The adaptability and structure of the hybrid mattress may mean that they are higher in price. But the mattresses stability and longevity will save your money in the future.    

    What is a “normal” mattress or in innerspring mattress?

    Innerspring mattresses were created in the mid-19th century, this was when upholstery coil springs were first utilized in creation of carriage seats. The innerspring is a classic and traditional mattress that majority of people are accustomed to and have slept on. 

    There are now four main types of coils that have been created:

    • Bonnell coils
    • Pocket coils
    • Offset coils
    • Continuous coils 

    The innersprings of the mattress give it its foundation, there are two other layers that are used to make the mattress comfortable to sleep on and these layers are the foundation layer and comfort layer.

  • The foundation layer- The foundation layer is underneath the main structure, and is called the box spring. 
  • The comfort layer- This layer is the veneer of the innerspring mattress, which then covers the exterior layer to make it luxurious and comfortable for each sleeping position.

  • Benefits and concerns of an innerspring mattress:

    The innerspring mattress is known for its intense firmness level in comparison to the other types of mattresses that are on the market. It is important to keep in consideration that the firmness level of a mattress does not determine the support it provides.

    The firmness of all mattress’s rests on the following:

    • Wire thickness
    • Coil height 
    • The number of coils
    • The design and turns of the coil patterns
    • The type of steel that is utilized
    • The procedure on construction 
    • Type of insulation

    An additional benefit of the innerspring mattress is that they are cheaper. To increase the longevity of the mattress of the mattress you should flip or rotate it every 6 months.

    Main differences between the innerspring mattress and the hybrid mattress:

    The main difference between the innerspring mattress and the hybrid mattress is that the first mattress uses coils to give structure whilst the other mattress uses both coil and ergonomic mediations to create the main part of the mattress.  


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