What Is The Most Expensive Sofa?

What is the most expensive sofa?

When you research furniture, you would often come across that luxury furniture would often be associated with art. The brand of the pieces or models might be rare pieces that renowned artistic designers collaborate with brands. The results that you might find are that of are unique, unrepeatable pieces that will amaze you with their beauty.

Most furniture has the purpose of bringing comfort and functionality to your home. Some are eccentric pieces that have the equally eccentric value that was created to be admired a lot more than being used. These designer pieces which are presented to you are true symbols of wealth, power, and status.

People search on the internet buy know what the most expensive sofas would mean these pieces were designed so that people could admire them, and they have a deeper meaning than just functionality. You won’t be replacing your traditional sofa with one of the designer ones as they what furniture and art would look like if they were combined.

The top 5 expensive sofas;

Lockheed lounge - $3.3 million

The renowned designer is marc Newson who has designed the most expensive sofa in the world. This is a unique piece of furniture as it’s the most different from anything you would ever see. It has a fluid metallic form, and the remaining is a blob of mercury as this piece brings the best of contemporary art. It is also shaped like a sofa but has comfort which a sofa isn’t.

The Lockheed Lounge is an expensive piece that belongs to the art world it was featured in Madonna’s video for the song ‘rain’.

‘D’ by Ron Arad - $300,000

This is also listed in the luxury sofas that have a higher price in the market. A unique sofa that is made by a famous Israeli designer truly defines furniture. This isn’t his first design as Ron Arad has won numerous awards for his work. He had collaborated with many other brands like Swarovski, Adidas, Samsung, Hennessy, and Le Coq Sportif in his career.

The letter ‘D’ on the sofa was first presented in 1995, which means double sofa. It’s an elegant creation of singular lines that are made from mirror-polished stainless steel. The ‘D’ sofa is well-known and was displayed in the museum of art in New York in 2009.

Onyx sofa by Peugeot - $185,000

The sofa is a combination of hi-tech carbon fibre with a natural material called volvic stone. As this is the third most expensive sofa so the price tag is justified as this piece is made by the famous designer Peugeot design Lad, Pierre Gimbergues.

The volvic volcano lava stone is known as the eternal stone, which is an incredibly durable material that is handcrafted and attached to the carbon fibres. The piece is extremely minimalist in style and the size is considerable. That is measured at a 3-meters in length which makes it look more like an artistic bench than a sofa.

Plume Blanche Aymantion diamond-encrusted sofa - $185,000

It’s an elegant piece of furniture that shines with diamond-studded platinum buttons. It’s made of a solid mahogany frame which is fully biodegradable latex and full-grain leather. You would be presented with many other expensive sofas, but the plume Blanche is customizable as you can switch the diamonds on the logo with 4-carat sapphire. it is luxury has the price, but it also has the exclusive perks available too.

There are just about 50 pieces ever made of the sofa, which then turned into a limited-edition sofa. The motto, ‘the rarer, the more expensive’ this piece was valued over time but is a true investment that you can grab that has limited pieces.

Michael Jackson’s Esmeralda sofa by Colobostile - $73,000

It was the Italian company that was challenged by the pop star Michael Jackson to create their version of the Esmeralda sofa. As this is also on the list of the most expensive luxury sofas because of who owned the sofa previously.

Also, with the history attached to the furniture, it’s no wonder that it is expensive.

The royal design includes the engravings on the wood and gold as this sofa is one of a kind. Onyx stone inlays, dark red velvet upholstery, and premium finish as all a piece of art. If you’re not too keen on the red velvet, then you should and would like it to be more affordable then you can customize the sofa.

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