What Mattress Toppers Can Do For You!

What Mattress Toppers can do for you!

So what exactly does a mattress topper do? Well it does exactly as its name would imply, a piece of cloth or fabric, usually with some form of light padding, that tops your mattress to provide extra comfort to the user (yourself) and the mattress itself.Varying in thickness with a range of different materials used, the sheer volume of available Mattress toppers means you can find them in any size, be it child’s single bed to a King Sized.

Are they worth the cost?

Mattress toppers vary greatly in price, ranging anywhere from £20 to £99.95 or even going beyond. However, no matter the price you can guarantee the following benefits to you and your mattress:

  • Increasing your comfort
  • Toppers can help soothe, pains and aches whilst revitalizing your mattress’s comfort.
  • Prolongs it’s lifespan
  • A topper can ease off the pressure placed on your usual mattress, preventing it from being worn down as quickly as it would be normally.
  • Keeps your mattress tidy
  • A Mattress topper prevents dust and dirt from getting into it, meaning it stays clean and fresh for twice as long.

What kind of Mattress Toppers are there?

So you know what a mattress topper is and what it can do for you, I’m sure you want to know what kind you can get for yourself. Memory foam mattress toppers function the same as the mattresses of the same name do, a thin layer of soft fabric that moulds to your body, providing extra comfort and stability. Egg crate mattress toppers go by many names, so 'egg crate' is a good catch-all for a lot of different brands. They are made of a bumpy nodular foam surface that looks sort of like an egg box, often in a padded cover. They can be easily rolled up or stacked, so while they're not quite as luxurious as memory foam, they're a lot more flexible, and usually cheaper too. Wool or fleece mattress toppers use natural materials that reduce the risk of allergies, and they're surprisingly soft – less itchy than you might expect. However, they are very much on the expensive side.

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