What’s The Difference Between Chemical-Free And Natural Mattresses?

What’s the difference between chemical-free and natural mattresses?

A nontoxic mattress contains few or no chemicals that will affect your health. While manufacturers use the chemical to make the material flame retardant, some companies avoid using potentially harmful chemicals.

9 best nontoxic mattresses

Nontoxic memory foam - Nectar memory foam mattress

This mattress meets the independent reviewer’s standards for emissions and foam quality. Nectar’s opinion is that this mattress is breathable and has cooling properties. This is most suitable for people who have back pain. The size mattress options range from a twin to California king.

If you are wanting to return you will need to contact Nectar’s sleep specialist on the phone to begin the return process. Returns are free for people that are residing in the contiguous United States.

Luxury non-toxic mattress - Awara premier natural hybrid mattress

The mattress has gotten several certifications, it contains natural latex foam that is water-based adhesives, organic cotton, and organic New Zealand cotton wool, which makes this one of the luxury options on this list. The wool is unsuitable for those who wish that avoid animal products.

This mattress doesn’t contain potentially harmful substances, like polyurethane foam or chemically-based fire retardants.

Return policy, the company states that a person will need to speak to a sleep concierge, and you can contact them on the phone.

Nontoxic hybrid mattress - The dream cloud luxury hybrid mattress

This foam mattress has limited VOC emission that contains a soft, quilted top, a layer of gel memory foam, and one supportive spring. The mattress may minimize motion transfer, which can make it suitable for people that want to share a bed.

Return policy – The dream cloud states that the person will begin the refund process any time within the sleep trial, and after the first 30 days after delivery. All mattresses must be in good condition that is suitable for donations, which means that companies will not accept any mattresses that are damaged or soiled.

Low-cost non-toxic mattress - T&N original mattress

This mattress has several certifications indicating low toxicity, its foam, and Greengard, for its low emission levels. People can add HeiQ antimicrobial protection features that limit bacterial growth and prevent odor.

This mattress is one of the lowest cost options that are available online. The medium-firm mattress has graphite and cooling gel layers that may prevent overheating during sleep.

Overall nontoxic mattress - Avocado green mattress

The avocado green mattress does not contain polyester, polyurethane foam, or fire retardants. The products made safe and climate-neutral certification indicate that the company uses climate negative production and shipping practices.

The company avocado states that people should try the mattress for 30 days before beginning the return policy. If people would want after talking to customer service, the company would ask them to take photos of the mattress to ensure the condition is suitable for donations.

Hypoallergenic non-toxic mattress - birch natural mattress by helix

Helix informs that the natural latex in the mattress has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties. The mattress contains no VOCs or foam and is naturally flame retardant.

The mattresses have cooling and pressure-reliving qualities.

The birch states that all the products, except the adjustable bed base, are eligible for returns during the 100 days sleep trial.

How should you choose a mattress?

MNT helps chose mattresses, sheets, pillows, and other beddings which should meet the following criteria: certifications, size, materials budget, firmness, seep trials, shipping and warranties and return policies.

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