What Size Is A Double Mattress In The UK?

What size is a Double Mattress in the UK?

Need to know a double mattress size? Or maybe you’re upgrading your bed frame and need to know the size of a mattress which will fit onto the bed frame accurately.

Thankfully, these two things tend to go hand in hand with one another. Manufacturers tend to follow the standard dimensions when it comes to bed frames and mattresses, so you shouldn’t struggle much when finding the two.

However, this isn’t always the case as bed sizes vary between manufacturers. A double mattress size can even change depending on the region you live.

What size is a Double Mattress in the UK & Ireland?

In the UK and Ireland, there is no one official standard double mattress size. However, most manufacturers do abide by common dimensions. The most common size in UK and Ireland for double mattresses is 135cm x 190cm.

Although, it should be noted that manufacturers in the UK and Ireland factor in certain acceptances of the actual dimensions. This just means that the double mattress, you may receive may either be longer or shorter than the dimensions stated.

Overall, although this tolerance is unlikely to reduce the performance or usability of your mattress, we do suggest just in case you should refer to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions of sale, to see if there is any mention of tolerance.

What size is a double mattress in Europe?

The most common double mattress size in Northern Europe is 180cm x 200 cm. Countries such as Poland, Germany, Denmark and others often share this common size of double mattresses. Although, there is not only one double mattress size used in Europe; it also depends on the country which then affects the double mattress size.

What size is a double mattress in North America?

America is one of the 3 countries around the world which uses the imperial measurement system. They use inches to convey the sizes of their mattresses. Due to this, their sizes may seem quite unusual when converted to the metric system. For example, a common double mattress size in North America is 535 inches x 74.5 inches, which becomes 136cm to 189cm in metric measurements.

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