What Sofa Material Is Best For Cats?

What sofa material is best for cats?

Looking for a sofa for your pet can be difficult. Cats, specifically make it even more difficult as they leave their claw marks and hair all over your furniture.

You don’t want to spend too much money on a new sofa, just for it to be ruined by your cat like your old one, so this is why we recommend our choices which are pet friendly for pet owners.

While it is rare that our options are 100% cat proof, if you choose the options which have upholstery and cushions that are easy to clean then it is highly likely your cat’s sofa should last you quite a while.

To put together this guide, we did a lot of research into online and home furniture accessory brands such as Wayfair. While paying attention to consumer reviews, we narrowed our options to these few using this criterion:

Durability: We wanted to ensure that the sofas made for cats were made to last you a while. Fabric quality and durability were our main priorities in deciding our choices.

Comfort: Nobody wants an uncomfortable sofa, especially as a pet owner you want the best for them as they’re like your family. You want cosy, soft fabrics for your cat to sleep on and relax when they want to rest which is why we chose these options.

Design: The sizing of the sofa is different for each design and for each cat and this was a huge factor in our research. The layout of the sofa and optionality was too.

Sustainability: Sofas which were made from sustainable materials is also, a massive factor for animal lovers too, so we took this into consideration as well.

So, you may be wondering what is the best sofa materials for cats?

Well, there are a few different sofa materials great for cat owners, such as leather, velvet, faux leather and microfiber.

Leather is the best material to grab a sofa in especially if you’ve got a cat who scratches and produces a lot of furballs. Leather is also, easy to clean.

It’s not ideal when it comes to processing scratches, but it’s nowhere near the worst, and for the most part, cats don’t prefer to scratch leather over other materials, so that may help your sofa stay safe in and of itself.

Although there are advantages to leather, there are disadvantages too, such as it can be quite difficult to maintain and clean, especially when you clean your sofa ensure you use products which are suitable for sofas to prevent cracking.

Also, when it comes to leather ensure that you keep the sofa out of the sun as sun damage can reduce the longevity of the sofa.

Faux leather is another great material for a sofa, especially when you have a cat as it is easy to clean and is even easier to clean compared to leather.

Another wonderful thing about faux leather is that it is durable and faux leather is also, a less common material cats scratch too.

How to stop your cat from scratching furniture?

Within cats, scraping is as pure and normal as sleeping, but without the right training, it can also destroy sofas, chairs, and other pieces of furniture.

Fortunately, you can transmit this behaviour and save both the sofa and your bond with your cat. In this article, you’ll learn how to stop your cat scratching fixtures in a healthy, safe way.

Believing your cat to stop scraping on its own is like asking them to stop breathing.

The solution is not to ask them to stop scratching but to transmit the behaviour onto appropriate scratching surfaces.

Scratching at inappropriate objects or surfaces is highly annoying for cat parents.

Although it can be quite frustrating, you need to find a solution for your cat as well as your furniture, so we suggest you buy a cat post for them to scratch.

To find the best cast scratching posts to buy visit: 5 Best Cat Scratching Posts Reviews of 2021 in the UK - BestAdvisers.co.uk

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