What thickness in mattresses is best

What thickness in mattresses is best? 

There are different thicknesses of a mattress, what you are looking for will ultimately determine the thickness of your mattress. Unless you did research on mattress types and which thickness is best for which sleeping position you would think that the thicker the mattress it the better it is, you would probably think that it is the most comfortable. Although this thought isn't entirely correct it also isn't entirely wrong.  

The thickness of a mattress can range from 8-20 and higher, however the standard mattress typically ranges from 10-2 inches. This is usually thick enough to conform to the average adult body. Deciding which thickness is best for you depends on different factors such as: 

  • Your sleeping positions 
  • Your ideal sleeping positions 
  • Your body types 
  • Your sleeping arrangement 
  • Your back/neck problems 

There are a lot of factors to think about when it comes to thickness is best for you. If you are someone who is looking for a soft bed then the recommended thickness of your mattress would be a 1–4-inch mattress since it is considered soft and is great for those who are light sleepers or those who sleep on their side.  

If you want a medium firm mattress then the recommended thickness for your mattress would be 5-7 inches, as it is ideal for those who have back pains and for those who sleep on their back, if you are looking for a firm mattress the recommended mattress thickness would be 8-10 inches, this is the standard thickness in mattresses and it is great for those who sleep on their stomachs or on their back and is ideal for those who are heavier sleepers.  

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