What To Do When Your Mattress Is Too Soft

What To Do When Your Mattress Is Too Soft

If you find yourself sinking into or feeling stuck within your mattress then there's a good chance you need to firm up your mattress. Believe it or not, a mattress too soft can be just as detrimental to your health as a mattress too solid.

So your mattress is too soft, how do we fix that? Of course just buying a new mattress is an easy fix to the problem but that’s costly and ineffective when you could do the following instead.

  • Using a plywood board can offer enhanced support, particularly near the bottom of a mattress. It creates the sensation of firmness along the mattress, strengthening the entire bed.
  • Your mattress could be absorbing moisture from the air around it, softening it over time, or if you’re within a more humid environment the bed could also be retaining water. A simple way to fix it is to leave it out to dry, firming it up.
  • Getting a firmer mattress topper is highly recommended, a mattress topper can extend your mattresses lifespan and enhance your sleeping experience.
  • Box springs wear out with time. If you have an old box spring, that may be the reason behind your bed feeling too soft. A worn-out box spring cannot provide sufficient support required for your mattress, making it feel softer than usual.

Firmness as a concept is relative. What you as an individual find comfortable won’t be the same for someone else so there’s a level of trial and error to the aforementioned strategies, some may work and some will not.  

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