What To Put In A Storage Bed

What to put in a storage bed

There are many uses for a storage bed, they are mainly used to store items that you don’t use on a regular basis to increase space in the room and make space for new items. What you put in your storage bed is up to you.

Things you can put in a storage bed:

  • Luggage: 

Luggage can be bulky and hard to store so it is a good idea to store them under your bed or in your storage bed. This way they are hidden and keep the room looking neat and tidy. 

  • Bedsheets: 

Bed sheets are good things to place in your storage beds as they relate to your bed and are easy to find, it makes it easier for you to change old bedsheets and put new ones on and it also helps free up closet space.  

  • Blankets: 

Blankets are great items to store in a storage bed, especially in guest bedrooms, when you have guests over, they won't have to bother you with asking for an extra blanket they can just simply lift the bed and find a blanket that is suited to their desired thickness.

  • Pillows: 

You can store extra pillows in storage beds, this makes it easier for you. To find, it takes up less space in your room as pillows can be seen as bulky items. It also makes it easier for you to find as every bed-related item will be stored under your bed.

  • Seasonal clothing: 

Seasonal clothing is good to store in storage beds, for example big bulky winter coats can be put away safely, this preserves the fabric, gives it a longer shelf life and allows for more closet space for your new in season clothes. 

  • Shoes: 

Storage beds are a great place to store shoes, although it is recommended that you leave your shoes downstairs as you wouldn’t want to carry dirt around your house, the shoes you don’t wear for example snow boots on at summer time would be great to store in your storage bed. 

  • Bags: 

I’m sure there are many bags around your house and bed room and you may run out of places to store them, buy placing them under your bed it allows you to free up space and you can also fill the bags up with other items you want packed away. 

What to not put in storage beds:

  • Empty luggage: 

Empty luggage just takes up space so when you are putting luggage or bags in your storage beds, make sure to add other items you are planning to place in the storage beds already in the bags. This also helps make space for other items. 

  • Clothing/ materials: 

When placing clothing and materials make sure to cover them with a bag or place some sort of protective layer over them as storage beds can become dusty and you wouldn’t want your clothes to become dirty and dusty. By adding a protective layer, you are making it so that your clothes can last longer. 

  • Things you regularly use: 

If you place items, you regularly then you will constantly will be having to lift your bed frame and mattress, this can become exhausting if you keep having to do so. It can also become annoying and it isn't convenient. You should store items that you know you won't use for a while.

  • Anything that isn't labelled: 

You should always try and label your items this will help you identify what you are looking for quicker and you won't have to stand around holding a heavy mattress and bed slats up. 

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