What Type Of Mattress Is Good For Stomach Sleepers?

What type of mattress is good for stomach sleepers?


Top pick – Noah Allen Plush: This medium-firm mattress blends medium-feeling comfort with firm support to provide stomach sleepers with the best of both worlds.

Best mattress for value – Dublin Deluxe This medium-firm lumbar support mattress is suitable for back and stomach sleepers searching for a good deal on a mattress.

Best mattress for heavyweight sleepers – Geneva Copper Latex Hybrid: A medium-firm mattress with copper-infused latex for pain alleviation that is appropriate for all sleeping positions.

Benefits of sleeping on your stomach

  • Reduces snoring: Sleeping on your stomach keeps your airways open, allowing you to breathe more easily throughout the night.
  • Digestion Aid: The pressure placed on your stomach when sleeping can aid your digestive system.
  • Warmth: Sleeping on your stomach retains your body heat, allowing you to stay warm all night

Though sleeping on your stomach has advantages, the improper mattress will negate these advantages and leave you with discomfort, aches, and pains. This means that having the correct mattress is essential for getting a good night's sleep every night.


Increased neck and lower back pain: Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended if you suffer from neck and back pain. Without a supporting mattress, stomach sleeping can lead your neck and back to remain in an unnatural or arched position all night, resulting in pain the next morning. You should also make sure that you are sleeping on the correct pillow so that your neck is not lifted and that your neck and spine are aligned.

Pain throughout the day: Sleeping on your stomach is likely to cause neck and back pain, especially if you're on an improper mattress. This can cause problems during the day, such as weariness, discomfort or pain, and mood swings.

Here are some things to think about as a stomach sleeper before choosing a mattress

Make sure there's enough give in the mattress for your chest and stomach to sink into without causing a dip in your spine. If your mattress is excessively soft, it will not support your weight and will cause your back to curve, causing pain. Your mattress should not be so firm that you cannot sink deeply enough into it. This can put a strain on your chest, particularly in women and cause lower back pain.

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