What types of bed frames are available out there?

There are many types of bed frames out there. And yet, people can easily overlook trying to find a quality one in favour of making sure the rest of the bed fits their requirements (e.g. dimensions, customisation e.t.c.). Therefore, here at Furnitureful we’ve decided that we need to give a rundown of what bed frames are, what types are out there as well as help you see what suits you best. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

What are bed frames?

A bed frame, also known as a bedstead is a frame that is made to support the bed’s base, where the mattress will lie. They can also help ensure that the mattress will not slide around. Additionally, bed frames are typically made from wood or metal (but we’re going to focus on wooden ones today!)

What are wooden bed frames?

A wooden bed frame is a bed frame that is made entirely from wood. One great example of a bed frame that is usually made from wood is a divan bed base.

What is a metal bed frame?

A metal bed frame (our focus for today!) is a bed frame made from metal and is especially ideal for beds where more weight support is needed. For example, metal bed frames are common for bunk beds where the weight or of more than one person needs to be supported.

Which bed frame might be best for you?

In our humble opinion, of the two bed frames the metal bed frame might be more suitable for most people because they are generally cheaper and lower maintenance.

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