When Do Bed Bugs Appear On Your Bed?

When do bed bugs appear on your bed?

Bed bugs are named for a reason, it’s most commonly that they are found in your bedding or just hiding close by. The areas that they could live in include your box spring, bed frame, and especially within the fold of the mattresses.

The bed bugs are only ¼ of an inch long, so they don’t occupy much space on their own. This makes it possible for them to make their nest in your mattress. They are a nocturnal species, which means bed bugs only come out at night to feed. They typically target the upper torso or any exposed area of skin. They often bite the neck, shoulders, and arms.

When the bed bugs are going to come out at night, they would most likely find the best spot to nest that would be for easy access which the mattress meets the headboard. If you suspect that your mattress might be infected with bed bugs, then you should understand how you can identify these creatures.

How to spot bed bugs on the mattress?

You will rarely be able to spot the bed bug to be roaming around on the mattress, but if you spot one bed bug then you will know that the colony will most likely be nearby.

The colony will consist of the following types of bed bugs:

  • Mature adults
  • Larvae
  • Nymphs (which will regularly shed their skin)
  • And unhatched eggs

If you search bed bugs in a mattress in google images, then you will know that they will look like many black specks then which will indicate the bed bugs’ droppings. The bed bugs are like reddish-brown insects but if you see any yellow pearl-like objects those are their eggs.

Bed bugs are adaptable insects and are quite capable of living in nooks and crannies they come across. That means yes, they can live in air mattresses. But air mattresses aren’t suitable for the bed bug because air mattresses are made of vinyl and PVC, which will make it harder for the bed bug to get inside the mattress. Lack of bedding components, like box springs and headboards, will deprive the bed bugs of valuable hiding spaces.

The bed bug can easily recognize a natural mattress from an air mattress, the plastic covering that is placed on the air mattress will trap the bed bug inside and will keep them from more bugs coming out.

What are the signs of bed bugs?

There can be several indications of a bed bug that could be living inside your mattress, the obvious one being spotting the active insect scurrying across. You can also notice rust-coloured stains that can stay to appear on your mattress. These stains would most likely look like dried bloodstains.

Bed bugs don’t move quickly so there is a chance that when you toss or turn you can roll over them when you sleep. There could also be a darker stain on the mattress, that is roughly the size of a bullet point. These spots are the bed bugs’ faeces, that bleed through the fabric and leave permanent stains if they are left unwashed.

If you are looking for a quick solution for eradicating the bed bugs then your mind would immediately think of insecticides, however, the chemical pesticide contains several toxic ingredients that can cause health problems to humans that are exposed enough. (Especially when used indoors)

Spraying a mattress down the biopesticides is the best product that you should use. Biopesticides are best described to be as natural scented which can be harmful to the bed bugs but are safe for humans.

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