When Do Mattress go on Sale

When Do Mattress go on Sale

Mattresses are pricy! It’s important that we get a good quality mattress to ensure we get healthy sleep. While we want to get a good bargain, we don’t want to comprise mattress quality. So instead of shopping for a cheap mattress at a cheap store or online service, it may be better to wait for sales at a good quality store.

There are many sales dates throughout the year, so here are a few this year for 2022.


New Year’s Day 

January 1st is usually a populated time for sales to be out, many people use the beginning of the year to spruce up their home with new products such as a mattress and mattress accessories, like toppers, protectors, pillows etc.

Spring sales - April / May 

From April to May, the spring sales usually means retailers are trying to sell out all their products, so they can restock in June. It’s perfect for sale shoppers, as you can get a good discount and have a mattress upgrade for spring cleaning.

Easter Monday

Occurring on Monday 18th April 2022, many mattress retailers will have sales, discounts, or offers during the Easter period. Easter holidays and Good Friday all mark an important holiday for Christians.

May Bank holiday 

Monday 2 May 2022 marks the bank holiday, a Roman festivity which honours workers, their rights, and the beginning of summer. This holiday is also great to get items for lower prices. May is usually a month where there are not many shoppers, so prices are low as well as it being a month retailers want to empty out products.

Amazon Prime Day 

On July 18-19, 2022, marking the birthday of the first Amazon prime day in 2015. If you have a subscription or are a member, you can get excellent mattress offers, duvets, pillows, protectors and more, as well as sales on shipping.

Summer Bank Holiday

Monday 29 August 2022 signifies the beginning of summer, on this bank holiday you may be able to get some summer sales, many people use the summer holidays to shop as the academic year ends. More people are at home, or taking a break so are free to shop.

Cyber Monday

28 November is when cyber-Monday begins, where there is huge sale online. This is the biggest sale day for online shoppers, made to encourage people to shop online and get great sales. So, mattresses and accessories are also going to be a target too, so look online on this date.

Black Friday

Friday 25th November 2022 is Black Friday. This is a huge day for mattress companies to put products on sales, as well as other stores. This annual tradition includes online shopping too and can help you stay away from those long ques. This is the biggest shopping day of the year, especially as it approaches Christmas time where many are looking to shop for it. So online may be the better.

Boxing Day 

Monday 26 December- the day after Christmas day is boxing day. This is also a huge sale day for shopping items, including mattress. However, as it is after Christmas it won’t be as packed as black Friday. This may mean that there won’t be huge ques, and so going in store may be a better if you don’t want to shop online for boxing day sales.

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