When to Buy Mattress?

When to Buy Mattress?

When mattress-hunting, you might be wondering when you should purchase a mattress during the year. It is important to know that the time you buy your mattress effects the price too. Some people may not even know that mattress prices fluctuate throughout the year, and that you can save some money if you buy considerately. Mattresses can be very pricey, so if you’re looking for the best times of the year to purchase one, then this blog is for you.

1. April or May

April or May are perfect and ideal months to buy a mattress at a good price, because usually mattress companies restock a new batch of products in June. This means that around April and May, there is less people looking to buy mattresses, and so prices will be lower so mattresses can be quickly sold out, ready for the June restock.

Another benefit of buying around this time, is that retail stores will be less packed meaning a much better shopping experience too! Also, April and May are brilliant months to buy a mattress as part of your spring-cleaning routine which you may have begun in March!

2. Sales

There are many sales throughout the year, the most common ones occur around holidays or events, such as:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1st
  • Spring sales - April / May 
  • Good Friday – Friday 15th April 2022
  • Easter Monday – Monday 18th April 2022
  • May Bank holiday – Monday 2 May 2022
  • Amazon Prime Day – July 18/19
  • Summer Bank Holiday – Monday 29 August 2022
  • Cyber Monday – The first Monday after Thanksgiving.
  • Black Friday- Friday 25th November 2022
  • Boxing Day – Monday 26 December 
  • Christmas Day – Tuesday 25th December 2022

These are some of the main holiday dates for 2022, some of these dates may change depending on the year. These holidays make it an excellent time to buy a mattress for some good deals and to buy a new mattress on a key holiday/ event you may be celebrating.

3. August and September

Yes, you might be thinking that these are some random dates, but August and September are also excellent months to buy mattresses because it marks the end of the summer shopping craze, where less people want to buy a mattress. The less competitive, the lower the price and so many deals will be available with the benefit of a better shopping experience. As well as this, this time isn’t too far away from the recent June restock where many mattress companies introduce new products that can still on the market. So, this may be better month than April/ May buy a mattress because of this fact.

The sale times – such as New Year’s Day- may be too hectic and highly competitive to buy a good mattress. Just imagine the craze!  Most people wait for popular holidays for sales, and so if you aim to avoid these, then opt for August or September.

4. Overstock Sales and Closing stores

Shops that have overstock sales means that they have purchased more products than they are able to sell. This means that to sell their items, they will need to put on sales to get customers – hence ‘overstock sales’. There is no specific date for these, so lookout for these.

This goes the same for closing stores. If you are aware of a mattress shop closing, they are most likely to put a sale on soon to sell all their mattress products before closing.

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