When Was The Bed Frame Invented?

Where are bed frames made?

Bed frames are made in factories so that they can be cut and made to precision without human error. This way when the bed frames must be dismantled and put back together there won’t be any issues with the size of the holes for the screws and bolts. Also fitting the parts together again won’t be an issue since they were cut to the perfect length the first-time round so it will be easy to be put together even if the bed frame needs to be put in a box or flat packed to be delivered to stores or to the home of the consumers.

Where was the bed frame invented?

The bed frame was invented in Egypt by about 3000 BC. It was also used in Malta around the same time. So, the bed frame has been around for about 5000 years.

Why do bed frames exist?

Bed frames exist to give support for the mattress that it is made to have on top of it. Without the bed frame you would end up having the mattress on the floor and that is not good for the mattress as it will get dirt, bacteria and eventually mould on the mattress causing the mattress to be damaged and would not be healthy to be on the mattress if it was in that state. You will also have to buy a new mattress if the old mattress is in a bad state.

How much does a bed frame cost?

A bed frame can be as low as £50 or go as high as £500 depending on the price and the condition it is in. if the bed frame is brand new made of high-quality materials it will most likely be expensive and will take up a lot of room if it is an expensive bed frame. If it is a cheap bed frame, then it may be refurbished or second-hand goods to get the bed frame at such a low price.


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