When Was The Pillow Invented

When was the pillow invented?

Pillows are extremely important and a great invention which helps so many people and their sleeping habits.

When was the first pillow invented:

The history of the pillow first originated in Mesopotamia around 7000 bc this is when pillows were made out of stone. Though this may have not been the best introduction to the pillow and nowhere near as comfortable as the pillows we have today it was the start of the pillow. The stone pillows were originally created to help individuals avoid insects crawling into their mouths, noses and ears. Though, these pillows were only bought by the wealthy people in Mesopotamia.

Pillows throughout the years:

In ancient Egypt, the pillows still weren’t very comfortable. The pharaohs used to use pillows made out of wood which obviously was very uncomfortable. Then later on the Chinese pillows utilised bronze, bamboo and wood. The pillow didn’t start getting comfortable until Ancient Greece, they used straw feathered down.

Then some time in the future the wonderful discovery of the comfortable pillow was made, pillows filled with down became the popular choice of luxe sleep. Even now with the introduction of memory foam and other soft materials down is still a very popular and luxurious stuffing to have in your pillow.

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