Where Are Bed Frames Made?

Where are bed frames made?

Bed frames are made in factories, or ‘workshops’, where each company has a different location to manufacture their beds: they produce bed-related products, including bed frames, mattresses, headboards, and footboards.

Factories and workshops can be located anywhere around the world, where bed furniture is then distributed via distribution centres so customers around the world (or country if it’s a national business) can purchase bed frames and mattresses. Once the factory has sent bed furniture to distribution centres, delivery vans or international carriers transport products to the warehouse or straight to your door.

Each company has these 3 main locations involved with the manufacturing, storage, and transport control of bed frames. This is the factory, the warehouse, and the headquarters. The headquarters are important as they act as the central support for the entire network of stores and distribution centres, they also use headquarters as a a key communication network for customer service operations.

Originally, bed frames were manufactured by cabinetmakers, ship’s carpenters and craftsmen who constructed the basic bed frames we know of today. Inn modern day, as time has passed, craftsmanship and methods of construction have evolved – advancing so that bed frames are more durable, sturdy, and reliable. Though many of the same methods original craftsmen used, are still used today!

Some factories, such as Dream, craft around 10,000 mattresses, bases, and headboards per week from their factory in Oldbury, West Midlands! When manufacturing bed frames in the factory or workshop, manufacturers or craftsmen use tools and machinery to help with the general process:

  • The bed Base is made by cutting pieces of wood or metal to size.
  • Put into a jig, glued, and nailed together to form the side pieces and ends of the base frame.
  • 4 Sections are joined together using slots.
  • Bed Slats of the base are positioned and secured with a pneumatic nail gun.
  • Assemble the wooden frame to create final product: the bed frame.

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