Where Can I Get A Mattress?

Where can I get a mattress?

How much does a mattress cost?

  • On a budget you should expect to be spending around £250 to £1050 these are usually an innerspring or all-foam mattress. These are mattresses made from the most basic of materials and will get the job done for most people. 
  • If you’re not limited on a budget, do not want to break the bank with buying a mattress you should go for a latex mattress. This is because they use high end materials to ensure the mattress will last a long time to give the user a good night’s rest. These mattresses range from £1000 to £2500.
  • For a premium mattress a hybrid mattress is the option for you. This is dues to the high build quality and the added traditional materials found in normal mattresses like springs and foam. These hybrid mattresses are ergonomically designed to support the human body with the upmost comfort. £1000 to £3000, but it can go higher for even more features within the mattress of your choosing.

Online or in store 

With buying a mattress online you have a larger selection, options and customizations with the mattress because the mattress can be made in the factory and sent straight to your address. Compared to buying a mattress in store the choice is more limited to whatever is available in a limited space. However, with buying a mattress in store is that you can get a feel and try out the mattresses to see if the one you want is a good fit or not. In addition to buying a mattress in store you will also get a feel for the size. If you were to buy a mattress online and did not like it and you wanted to return it and receive a refund you would have just wasted your time, were as if you bought one from an actual store you would have had the chance to feel the mattress to see if the mattress was the right one then and there without setting the mattress up onto a bed frame, waiting for the mattress to be delivered and paying for the mattress itself before knowing what it would feel like to rest on that mattress.

Where can I get a mattress in the UK?

If the store or website is reputable and safe you can get a mattress from anywhere. For example, Dreams, Argos, Amazon and Furnitureful just to mention a few.

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