Where Can You find a springless Mattress in the UK?

Where you can find a springless mattress in the UK

No-spring mattresses, which include foam, are a great option for modern homes. Bed mattresses without springs have been proven to last longer than their springy counterparts, as well as allowing for hypoallergenic properties. In some cases, sleepers have healthier sleep on a no-spring mattress.

Types of Soft Mattresses

Memory Foam:

This is a favourite material for most people due to the comfort it provides. Memory foam is renowned for its ability to mould to the sleeper’s body to reduce pressure and soothe aching joints. It also returns to its original shape when you wake up, a feature that adds to its longevity.


Polyfoam is a cheaper alternative to memory foam. Unlike memory foam, polyfoam mattresses are less dense and less sticky, meaning sleepers feel like they are sleeping “on” the mattress. Besides affordability, the potential benefit of polyfoam mattresses is that they remain cooler than memory foam.


Latex mattresses are another in the sleep industry partly because they are sourced from natural materials. Latex mattresses are typically set up as memory foam competitors. But it’s important to note that latex is significantly denser than memory foam, making it more responsive and much bouncier. It’s recommended to go with a latex mattress if you fancy sleeping on a less toxic and eco-friendly mattress. The downside of latex mattresses is their higher price tags though there’s an option to go synthetic.

Our friends over at Top10-Mattresses have compiled a list of the finest No-Spring, Soft mattresses you’ll find in the UK.

Find The Nectar Mattress Here

The Nectar Mattress provides a solution to a plethora of sleep-related issues. With three layers of exquisite memory foam, it offers excellent pain relief, comfort and motion isolation. Its lightweight design with averaging firmness delivers optimal support for better sleep for its users. At current pricings, it provides excellent value for money.

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