Where My Bed Should Face?

Where my bed should face?

The bed is the most important piece of furniture, when walking into a bedroom, the bed is the first thing someone will notice, they will also notice if the bed is clean or not, how big the bed is if there is enough room to walk around the bed. I recommend placing your bed in a place that makes your bedroom look bigger.

It is ideal to have your bed at the centre of the longest wall in the bedroom, but while placing your bed you should take into consideration what size your bedroom is as it can affect the way you place your bed.

Ideally, your head should be facing the door because it allows you to see who walks into your room, and if an intruder walks in you can protect yourself and your reaction time will be faster. 

If your bed has a headboard it is important to place it against a solid wall, this will give support so that the headboard won’t move as much and will provide extra support. If you are someone who likes to sit up against your bed, then a headboard against a solid wall will help give comfort and support against your back.

For adults, it is recommended that your bed is in the middle of the room. This allows space beside both sides of the bed allowing space for people to get out and in bed with ease. For children, it is recommended that one side of the bed is against a wall, as children twist and turn around so having a solid wall will protect your child from falling off the bed.

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