Where To Buy Sofa Material

by Dylan Bowen June 01, 2022 2 min read

Where to buy sofa material

You can buy sofa materials from any soft store such as, ‘Sofology’ and ‘Dunelm’ and even ‘SCS’ they have many options and a variety of colours and textures, they also have a variety of length, so if you want materials for a longer sofa you can find it in these stores. It is best to shop in-store for your materials as you have a better review then if you decide to order online.

Can I replace the fabric on a sofa?

There are ways of removing the fabric on a sofa and applying a new one on, however, it should be done by professionals and even then it can cost a lot. You can work on it yourself, however, to have the same look it is best to leave it to the professionals.

The best sofa material types are:


Leather is a common material used for sofas, if you have kids who spill food everywhere it is easy to clean up after them, it holds up well over time they come in many colours, however leather is vulnerable to starches and may develop cracks over time.


Linen can be used as a sofa material, however it does have a rough texture and is quite touch, it is not suitable for homes with young kids or pets and linen isn’t as durable as other sofa materials., Linen can be hard to care for and is hard to keep wrinkle free at times.


Cotton is very durable, it is like linen however it doesn’t last a long time. The sofa can be treated and made to be stain resistant but it still isn’t easy to clean. The cotton is woven through making is more durable then linen. Cotton still absorbs stains and colours fast, making it hard to keep clean.


Wool is an ideal material for making a sofa. They are kid- friendly and they don’t experience much wrinkling. Wool is easier to clean in case of any spills or stains. You can easily get rid of any dust by running a vacuum over it. However it may not be ideal for hot climates as it does retain heat.

Dylan Bowen
Dylan Bowen

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